Ting is a designer who has a passion for photography, graphic design and traveling. She loves to capture every little moment in life with her camera. She believes great design comes from connecting with people, through the stories they share. 

Ting is an all-rounder who knows how to make things look fabulous in Adobe Creative Suite programs like... you know, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator... don't forget about After Effect and Premiere. She enjoys film directing and editing because she loves that look when people watch what she has produced, it is all about storytelling she says. 

Recently she learned how to do coding with SuperHi, and now she's quite proud of herself to have knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript. 

Get to know Ting more by emailing her via the link below. Grab a coffee or a chai latte with her, she'd love to know how she can assist on your next project. She is also open to join a creative team, no matter where you are based. Get in touch now.